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Providence Health and Fitness offers the latest, trendiest health and wellness programs. It is a full-service fitness and wellness center that provides everything you need to live a healthy and fit life including heart-pounding fitness classes, yoga, Pilates, personal training, nutrition guidance, massage and meditation. It's all here.

Our mission is to help you discover your best self with personalized wellness for your body, mind and spirit.

5352643 Lotus Pose Meditation Yoga


A well-rounded fitness and health routine will allow the body to constantly improve in strength and flexibility without ever plateauing. It also prevents inflammation for longevity.

5352649 Seated Pose Twist Yoga Exercise Stretching Marichi


Your weekly workout regime should include two high intensity classes, two moderate classes, 2 low intensity classes and one rest day to put your body in homeostasis for optimal well-being.

5352648 Yoga Exercise Workout Tree Pose Tree Pose


Wellness includes body and mind. Nutrition, massage, and meditation are key components of slowing down aging, increasing circulation, alkalizing the body, maximizing oxygen intake, preventing disease, and speeding up healing and recovery.

Providence Health and Fitness offers you complete wellness solutions to feel your best physically & mentally.

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